The Studio



Old Man Jones

"Never Drink with the Dead"

Old man Jones encompasses John Amoriello's evolving style as lead vocalist and guitarist of 2018 Best Maryland Metal Artist, From Nothing, and his influential foundations of early punk and the drive of 70's hard rock

The debut single, "Never Drink with the Dead", was recording, mixed, and mastered in Weatherly Studios as well as drum and bass production.   With the success of the first release, John is currently working on elaborating on the idea behind Old Man Jones.

Milton J

Mixed and Mastered by Weatherly, Milton J's "Zooted Linguist" and "All That I Control" are the perfect examples of what the relationship between artist and engineer should be at all stages.  Multiple final mixes were provided for the various needs of the artist from radio edits, to live backing click tracks, and other forms that make the track versatile to any performance or setting.

Mike Newberry

"The Hill I'm Gonna Die On"

Mixed/Mastered and Produced by Weatherly, Mike Newberry's, "The Hill I'm Going to Die On" was tracked by the artist himself and brought to Weatherly for its final stages of life. With some added instrumentation and production, the album showcases the artists talents and Weatherly's experience in taking tracks to the next level.


"Dead Men Don't Dance"

Recorded and Produced by Weatherly, Anhedonia's "Dead Men Don't Dance" was a collaboration between beat/songwriter, hip hop producer August Split and Christopher Mooneyhan with a featured bass line and vocal from Kyle Ragan on the "Mistress" track.  A dive into self reflection and feelings that only honest music could convey.  

Life of the FUNeral

Debut EP "...For the Deeply Lost"

Recorded and Produced by Weatherly, Life of the Funeral's debut EP, "...For the Deeply Lost", is a prime example of what we represent as producers. Weatherly played a very hands on roll with the primary writing of the percussion, bass, and orchestral elements. Brought to us as acoustic arrangements the songs were developed in studio with the artists.